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Skip tooth blades are available in a wide range. For hand or machine sawing of wood, plastic, and fibrous materials. Skip tooth blades cut fast, provide good chip clearance and smooth finishes.

For Cutting Metal: Skip Tooth Scroll Saw Blades may out-perform metal cutting or jewelers piercing scroll saw blades in cutting metal. Any Skip Tooth blade up through a Univ# 5 will cut metal but Univ# 3/0 to Univ# 2 is preferred for inside cuts and marquetry panels. Skip Tooth blades can cut cold rolled steel, copper, brass, aluminum sheet and bronze. Soft metal up to 1/8” thick can be cut easily, whether a single sheet of stock or several thinner sheets in a stack.

Item# x Univ# x Width x Thickness x TPI

400F: Univ# 3/0 x .022" x .008" x 33TPI

440F: Univ# 2/0 x .022" x .010" x 28TPI

443F: Univ# 2 x .029" x .012" x 20TPI

445F: Univ# 4 x .035" x .015" x 15TPI

446F: Univ# 5 x .038" x .016" x 12.5TPI

448F: Univ# 7 x .045" x .017" x 11.5TPI

450F: Univ# 9 x .053" x .018" x 11.5TPI

453F: Univ# 12 x .062" x .024" x 9.5TPI

494F: Skip Tooth Assortment 36 Pack (Contains 12 each of 443F, 446F, 448F)

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400F blister (12pcs): $5.50, 400F gross (144pcs): $49.95, 440F blister (12pcs): $5.50, 440F gross (144pcs): $49.95, 443F blister (12pcs): $5.50, 443F gross (144pcs): $49.95, 445F blister (12pcs): $5.50, 445F gross (144pcs): $49.95, 446F blister (12pcs): $5.50, 446F gross (144pcs): $49.95, 448F blister (12pcs): $5.50, 448F gross (144pcs): $49.95, 450F blister (12pcs): $5.50, 450F gross (144pcs): $49.95, 453F blister (12pcs): $5.50, 453F gross (144pcs): $49.95, 494F Skip Tooth Assortment (36pcs): $14.95


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