Metal Cutting Blades


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These metal cutting scroll saw blades are made specifically for power scroll saws. They are made from hardened and tempered steel and have more teeth per inch than regular scroll saw blades for cutting thin metal and other hard materials.

Item# x Univ# x Width x Thickness x TPI/Style

485M: Univ# 7 x .041" x .019" x 30TPI Regular

487M: Univ# 9 x .049" x .022" x 25TPI Regular

490M: Univ# 12 x .070" x .023" x 20TPI Regular

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485M blister (12pcs): $6.95, 485M gross (144pcs): $51.95, 487M blister (12pcs): $6.95, 487M gross (144pcs): $51.95, 490M blister (12pcs): $6.95, 490M gross (144pcs): $51.95


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