#49604 Plain End Scroll Saw Blade Assortment



36 Blades in this Assortment of Plain End Blades – 12 of each:

446R (Univ. No. 5R - .038” wide x .016” thick, 12.5/9 rev TPI) Reverse Tooth Blades for a smooth, splinter free finish on top and bottom surfaces. Eliminates tear-out on birch and maple plywood. For fret sawing hard wood to 1/2” and soft wood to 3/4”.

448F (Univ. No.7 - .045” wide x .017” thick, 11.5 TPI) Skip Tooth Blades cut fast, provide good chip clearance and smooth finish. Popular for cutting hard and soft woods 3/16” up to 2”. Also cuts plastic, paper, felt, bone, etc.

463S (Univ. No. 2 - .035” kerf, 41TPI) Plain End Spiral Tooth Blades saw in all directions with 360º cutting capability. Excellent for 0º radius scroll/fret work, you never have to turn the workpiece. Medium speed and medium rough finish cutting of hard and soft wood, plaster and wallboard.


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