Reverse Tooth


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Reverse Tooth blades with same performance as our skip tooth blades with the added benefit of reverse teeth for a smooth, splinter free finish on top and bottom surfaces. Excellent blade for eliminating tear-out on birch and maple plywood.

Item# x Univ# x Width x Thickness x TPI/Style

420R: Univ# N/A x .100" x .022" x 9/5TPI Skip

440R: Univ# 2/0R x .026" x .011" x 28/21TPI Skip

443R: Univ# 2R x .029" x .012" x 20/14TPI Skip

446R: Univ# 5R x .038" x .016" x 12.5/9TPI Skip

448R: Univ# 7R x .047" x .017" x 11.5/8TPI Skip

450R: Univ# 9R x .054" x .019" x 11.5/8TPI Skip

453R: Univ# 12R x .062" x .024" x 9.5/6TPI Skip

492R: Reverse Tooth Assortment 36 Pack (Contains 12 each of 443R, 446R, 448R)

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420R blister (12pcs): $6.25, 420R gross (144pcs): $54.95, 440R blister (12pcs): $6.25, 440R gross (144pcs): $54.95, 443R blister (12pcs): $6.25, 443R gross (144pcs): $54.95, 446R blister (12pcs): $6.25, 446R gross (144pcs): $54.95, 448R blister (12pcs): $6.25, 448R gross (144pcs): $54.95, 450R blister (12pcs): $6.25, 450R gross (144pcs): $54.95, 453R blister (12pcs): $6.25, 453R gross (144pcs): $54.95, 492R Reverse Tooth Assortment (36pcs): $16.95


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