Replacement Phenolic for Guide Bearings


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These are to replace the bearings that came with your bandsaw. Designed to run in contact with the blade, to lubricate and allow you to have full control of the blade, they remain stationary. Can be used with blades from 3/32” to 1-1/4” wide. Four pieces per set. If your bearings are not listed, please contact us with your bearing number and we will try to accommodate.

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Item# 608 Machine: Bandsaws using 608 bearings Price: $19.95, Item# 628 Machine: Bandsaws using 628 bearings Price: $19.95, Item# 6200 Machine: Bandsaws using 6200 bearings Price: $19.95, Item# 6201 Machine: Bandsaws using 6201 bearings Price: $19.95, Item# CX104 Machine: 14" Craftex CX104 Price: $19.95


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