Furniture Band (Carver & Woodturner Band)

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With a .032” blade thickness, this blade has increased beam strength, great fatigue and wear resistance. It has an extra-wide kerf designed to help cut the wet stringy fiber found in green wood. Great blade for woodturners or carvers for roughing out blanks where a smooth finish is not required. Cannot be used on saws with wheels smaller than 12”.

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1/4" x .032" x 4TPI (18¢ per inch), 3/8" x .032" x 3TPI (18¢ per inch), 3/8" x .032" x 4TPI (18¢ per inch), 1/2" x .032" x 3TPI (18¢ per inch), 1/2" x .032" x 4TPI (18¢ per inch)


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