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Preferred by many scroll saw users. Double Tooth blades are distinguished from regular skip tooth fret saw blades as having two teeth together followed by a flat space for efficient chip removal. Double tooth blades cut fast, leaving clean edges in wood and plastic. The 432D is considered the best blade for cutting wood veneer!

Item# x Univ# x Width x Thickness x TPI

432D: Univ# 3/0 x .023” x .008” x 33TPI

433D: Univ# 2/0 x .024” x .011” x 37TPI

434D: Univ# 1 x .026" x .013" x 30TPI

435D: Univ# 3 x .032" x .014" x 23TPI

436D: Univ# 5 x .038" x .016" x 16TPI

437D: Univ# 7 x .044" x .018" x 13TPI

438D: Univ# 9 x .053" x .018" x 11TPI

439D: Univ# 12 x .061" x .022" x 10TPI

493D: Double Tooth Assortment 36 Pack (12 each of 435D, 436D, 438D)

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432D blister (12pcs): $5.50, 432D gross (144pcs): $49.95, 433D blister (12pcs): $5.50, 433D gross (144pcs): $49.95, 434D blister (12pcs): $5.50, 434D gross (144pcs): $49.95, 435D blister (12pcs): $5.50, 435D gross (144pcs): $49.95, 436D blister (12pcs): $5.50, 436D gross (144pcs): $49.95, 437D blister (12pcs): $5.50, 437D gross (144pcs): $49.95, 438D blister (12pcs): $5.50, 438D gross (144pcs): $49.95, 439D blister (12pcs): $5.50, 439D gross (144pcs): $49.95, 493D Double Tooth Assortment (36pcs): $14.95


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