5” Pin End


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5″ is measured between the pins. Perfect for Sears Craftsman, Penn State, Delta, Ryobi, and all 15″ and 16″ imported scroll saws. 5″ pin end blades offer a choice of tooth styles that includes regular, hook, skip and skip reverse. Teeth Per Inch vary from the most coarse – 7TPI, to the finest - 25TPI.

Item# x Width x Thickness x TPI/Style

405P: .100” x .018” x 20TPI Regular

410P: .100” x .018” x 7TPI Hook

411P: .100” x .018” x 15TPI Regular

412P: .100” x .018” x 10TPI Regular

420P: .100” x .018” x 9/5TPI Reverse/Skip

424P: .070" x .010" x 18.5TPI Skip

425P: .070” x .014” x 18.5TPI Skip

427P: .070" x .010" x 25TPI Skip

495P: Pin End Assortment 18 Pack (Contains 6 each of 411P, 412P, 424P)

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405P blister (6pcs): $4.25, 405P gross (144pcs): $72.95, 410P blister (6pcs): $4.25, 410P gross (144pcs): $72.95, 411P blister (6pcs): $4.25, 411P gross (144pcs): $72.95, 412P blister (6pcs): $4.25, 412P gross (144pcs): $72.95, 420P blister (6pcs): $4.25, 420P gross (144pcs): $72.95, 424P blister (6pcs): $4.25, 424P gross (144pcs): $72.95, 425P blister (12pcs): $5.50, 425P gross (144pcs): $54.95, 427P blister (12pcs): $5.50, 427P gross (144pcs): $54.95, 495P Pin End Assortment (18pcs): $10.95


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